Blog #6: Knee injuries…why so common? By Chris Schattinger, MS(c), CSCS, CISSN


              Have you ever taken the time to ponder why knee injuries occur so frequently in sports? It seems to be a near guarantee that an ACL, MCL, PCL or LCL injury will occur in all sports every year. Even at the professional level we continue to see numerous knee injuries every year. It is a bit puzzling as to why professional athletes accrue knee injuries so frequently. Professional athletes are obviously strong, flexible and have accesses to the most cutting edge tools for recovery. If these are of the most importance for injury prevention, why is it that the injuries persist? Also, why is it that we consistently see athletes that are “injury prone”? Is it their anatomy or physiology that causes them to be more prone to injury or do they truly just have bad luck? There are so many questions to ask in relation to the occurrence of knee injuries. Though we may think we have answers to the problem the problem persists and once the injury bug bites it seems to never stop biting in some cases. In upcoming blogs I hope to dive in to these topics and provide our readers with explanations as to why an estimated 2.5 million knee injuries are admitted to the ER every year! We would love to hear your opinion on the topic at hand. Why do you think knee injuries are occurring with such frequency? What more can be done to help prevent knee injuries from happening or happening again? Let us know with a tweet and if you liked this blog and our others give us a like and a follow on social media!