Blog #14: Introduction to the Incidence of Knee Injuries by Chris Schattinger, MS, CSCS, CISSN

It seems that almost everyone knows a person who a suffered a injury. Be it male or female, young or old, playing a sport or miss-stepping on stairs, knee injuries seem to be very common. This may lead you question “exactly how many knee injuries occur per year?”

In short, there is no accurate answer to that question. Approximations of the yearly number of knee injuries are possible but there is no way to account for those injuries that go undocumented (those that aren’t treated). Representative data from studies and estimations from organizations provide the most accurate information.

The goal of our next series of blogs will be to establish the incidence of knee injuries, incidence of injury type, incidence between men and women, age group at highest risk and the activity by which the injuries occurred. Tune in tomorrow as we begin this series!


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