Blog #17: ACL Injury by Sport by Chris Schattinger, MS, CSCS, CISSN

Yesterday we discussed the incidence of ACL injury and have previously mentioned that knee injuries, particularity ACL, have the highest occurrence in sports. Today we will aim to dive deeper into this claim by establishing the rate of ACL injury occurrence in males and females based on the sport they participate in.

Moses et al. (2012) conducted a meta-analysis that determined ACL injury per 1,000 exposures. Exposures were defined as games or practice for the specific sport.

Three of the most common American sports (soccer, football and basketball) displayed the following rates in accordance to skill level (high school, collegiate and professional):


o High School- 414,493 exposures: Incidence: female rate 0.09/1000 male rate was 0.02/1000.

o College- 15,420,034 exposures; Incidence: 0.29/1,000 female, male 0.08/1000

o Professional- 115,221 exposures; Incidence: female 0.20/1000 male incidence was 0.21/1000.


o College- 11,754,568 exposures; Incidence: female 0.32/1000 male 0.12/1000.

o Indoor Soccer- Female rate was 5.21/1000 and the male rate was 1.88/1000.


o High School & Professional- 1,227,469 total exposures. The athletes were all male. The overall ACL incidence was 0.08/1000.


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Moses, B., Orchard, J., & Orchard, J. (2012). Systematic review: annual incidence of ACL injury and surgery in various populations. Research in Sports Medicine, 20(3-4), 157–179. doi:10.1080/15438627.2012.68063