Unique custom clothing that gives advanced, therapeutic benefit to you, and your unique body.

Red- "Half Strap"

Red- "Half Strap"

White- "Full Strap"

White- "Full Strap"

Blue- "Cross Strap"

Blue- "Cross Strap"

Finally- Compression technologies that change WITH YOU.

BraceUnder is a custom compression garment system that can be fully customized for your needs, previous injuries, and your lifestyle.

The system is made of a baselayer compression tight and reusable orthopedic tension tape. The tape can be added when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it for a truly custom experience.

Compression TIghts
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Recovering. Training. Healing. Performing.


BraceUnder specializes in recovery, training, and performance enhancement compression tights for anyone with a previous injury. They help you, get back to you.

With BraceUnder's fully customizable, modular design you can ensure that you have exactly the right kind of support, right where you need it and when you need it most, to change your recovery game.

BraceUnder golf

Braceunder custom design tights
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150+ Test Wearers

20+ Pro-Athletes

50+ knee Surgeries

4 Technologies DEVELOPED

3 Patents Pending

3 Trademarks


4 Joints of the Human Body

Novel Measurement Technology