The INTERFACE product creates a fixation point and buffer-layer to keep the knee brace in place and to give your body space to allow natural movement. Take your knee brace and apply it to the BRACEUNDER-i because it makes it better while helping you get better. The process of injury/ surgical rehabilitation is enhanced because there is space allowing for nerve and muscle regeneration while the joint is structurally supported and protected during high risk times.  






BRACEUNDER-i was the product that started this Company’s journey and it literally serves as an interface between the human body and knee braces currently available on the market. Aside from the preventative and rehabilitative function of the current knee braces available on the market, scientific reviews performed on the knee braces indicate that people don't wear their braces because they fit poorly, they are uncomfortable, they slip/ migrate down the leg, and the inhibit high quality movement.

Our product makes your knee brace better, more comfortable, stay in place- and it helps you get better.