Blog #2: Compress the DOMS Away by Chris Schattinger MS(c), CSCS, CISSN.

     There are few instances be it in a gym or while watching sports that we do not see someone wearing compression clothing. But, have you ever taken the time to ask “Why are they wearing that?” There are many benefits that have been shown to wearing compression clothing and these will be discussed in today’s blog and blogs to come. We will begin by discussing how wearing compressive knee-length shorts during exercise can help to curb delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). As the name implies and as many have experienced DOMS is the excessive soreness that occurs on the days following a workout. Ali et al. (2007) sought to determine if compressive knee-length shorts worn only during exercise could aid in DOMS reduction. 20 active male participants completed a 20m shuttle run and a 10km run. Each of these protocols was completed with and without compression shorts. Ratings of soreness were taken before and after each exercise bout and after 24 hours of recovery using a perceived soreness scale (0=none, 10= very, very sore). Subjects also indicated where they felt the sorest after recovery. It was found that compression shorts reduced 24-hour soreness in only the 10km run protocol and significantly reduced calf soreness immediately after the 10km protocol compared to when they were not worn. This indicates that compression shorts may aid in the reduction of DOMS and acute calf soreness in those practicing longer distance running compared to short distance. This is ideal because the less soreness one develops after training the more quickly one can train again and perhaps progress more quickly. What are your thoughts on this paper? Would you want to try using compression clothing to reduce your muscle soreness? Let us know what topics you want to hear about next!

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